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modern musket Billet Upper Receiver
  • modern musket Billet Upper Receiver

    This is the RANGE18 modern musket Upper Receiver. The receiver is the highest Quality CNC Billet modern musket Receiver. Every cut on the Receiver has been measured and remeasured for correctness and fit. The receiver is machined from 6061-T6 and is offered stripped. They have been machined to except the bad levers. These are made from billet and hard coat anodize black. We machine these receivers out of billet Aluminum and finish it in a durable Hard Anodized finish. We also flared the side walls of the receiver to eliminate accidental bolt release problems and we also machined the upper receiver in a way that lets you use the popular Magpul BAD lever or other aftermarket bolt catch levers. The beefier design has added strength in several areas and it allows for less flex than forged upper receivers.

    we machined our billet upper receiver to accept most aftermarket rail systems as well as pre-install the forward assist and the ejection port door.

    Our billet upper receiver matches our billet lower perfectly, but it also works great with standard forged lowers so it’s fully up to you on which receiver you want to use.

    • Details

    • Range18 modern musket Uppers

      percision measured product 

      quality like no other on the market

      designed stronger in key areas on the receiver 

      stronger lower strap on dust cover opening

      set screw for forward assist

      larger boss ares for ejection port door to eleminate c-clip

      percision machined receiver face for barrel extension contact

      1" hole for bolt carrier percision machined to proper specs. 


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