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    Carl – July 22, 2015:


    I purchased this kit on a whim after acquiring the Phantom Jig and decided to cut the rails by hand. After some many hours I was able to do just that and I am extremely happy with the result! I have worked with and checked out about every frame available and found the Maverick has done it right. Rails are symmetrical unlike the others I have seen and the backstrap/mag wall is not thin like the others. Like all aftermarket frames it is oversize slightly to accommodate hand fitting. I trimmed .015 off the top and .005 off the sides and was close enough to start filing to fit. This is not a cheap thrown together kit with a bunch of cheap guts. It is ready to do the demon tweak and build the weapon of your dreams surpassing the quality of weapons cost 3-4 times more if you take your time. I am anxiously awaiting their introduction of 9mm or S&W 40 cal I heard about recently and maybe even see if we can do a long slide. I am done searching for the best kit on the market now!



    5 out of 5

    Carl – July 31, 2015:







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